Total Mozambique plans to Invest US 2.5 billion with Mozambican-owned or Registered Companies

  • Total Mozambique held a seminar in Pemba this week to present local contracting opportunities for their massive LNG project.
  • Present in Mozambique for nearly 30 years, Total Mozambique is a major player in the downstream petroleum products market – gas stations network, industrial and mining customers, lubricants and logistics.
  • Total has an estimated market share of 14% in Mozambique.

The workshops are central to Total’s local content plan and commitment to the dissemination of details relating to contracting opportunities with the Project, so that local business have the information they need to bid and compete.

The Provincial Director for Industry and Commerce of Cabo Delgado, representing the Provincial Governor, said: “For every step that the project takes, communication is important for the private sector to position itself and give the right weight to the expectations that the project feeds on. We ensure that these workshops are inducing the modernisation of local businesses made up mostly of SMEs.”

Dayne Kells, Total’s representative, said: “This seminar, which is part of the joint work we have been doing with the Mozambican Government and relevant partners, is a clear manifestation that the Mozambique LNG, a Total-led project, is keeping its commitments of maximizing the participation of local content in the project. Maximising local content is a prerequisite for a successful project. There is no successful project unless it can bring tangible benefits to the host country and its people. Therefore, for us, it is essential that this project brings gains not only for our shareholders and partners, but also for Mozambique and Mozambicans.”

On the occasion, CCS JV, the consortium contracted for Engineering, Procurement and Construction under the Mozambique LNG project, presented in detail several contracting opportunities, including estimated contract values and timeframe, in areas of agriculture and livestock, administrative services, capital equipment, temporary works and facilities, communications, construction consumables, camp management, raw and manufactured building materials, personal protective equipment, specialised services and transportation.

In turn, IPEME presented, among others, its role as business opportunities promoter of the Mozambique LNG project and INNOQ its role in certification.

Total expects to invest about USD 2.5 billion with Mozambican-owned or registered companies in Mozambique over the period of the construction of the plant.

Total is considering an investment in two additional LNG plants. Read more

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

Source:  Total Mozambique LNG

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