Thinking of entering the solar PV market? If yes, the Solar 101 training course is for you!

Why Solar 101?

The result was Solar 101, a 3-day interactive classroom-based training suitable for ANYONE interested in solar energy, whether they plan to make a career of it or not.

Solar 101 starts by teaching you the basics of electricity as they apply to solar energy. You will learn about the different types of systems available, the functionality of PV components, and how to select components based on quality and application. Also covered are protection and safety considerations, and system operation and maintenance of systems.

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By the end of your training, you will have all the info you need to be able to sell PV systems, and grasp the business side of PV, including being able to communicate the financial feasibility of a system to your clients.

Every one of GREEN’s trainers also manages successful solar business of their own; they regularly talk to clients, people just like you, every day and need to make sure that they are talking the same language as their clients – which means that they are able to explain all of the information you need to know in ways that are easy for you to understand.

Who is Solar 101 for

Solar 101 is ideal for;

  • New solar staff who need to know the basics, such as sales and admin staff
  • Managers who don’t need a deep dive in the technicalities.
  • Solar newcomers with no technical background
  • Youths and matriculants looking for basic solar education will also enjoy this course.

Recommended courses after Solar 101 

Once you’ve completed this basic course, you may still decide to register for our 5-day training with a view to becoming PV GreenCard Certified further down the line – no way to avoid those calculations now, but you’ll definitely already have the basics under your belt thanks to Solar 101!

Sign up to do the Solar 101 course HERE 

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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