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April 12, 2018. A day which most South Africans will remember as “Day Zero” in Cape Town. It was in January of 2018 that “Day Zero” was officially referred to; the proposed date of the largest drought-induced municipal water failure in recent memory.

Following multiple reactions to the water deficit, Cape Town managed to pull itself out of the proverbial hole. The national government throttled water allocation from agricultural sectors to flow into urban residential areas, while farmers also agreed to divert their own water stores to assist.

All in all – it was a tense few months for the people of the Western Cape, and for South Africans in general. Who would be next? How would the country survive?

Now, over a year later, things seem to be looking far more positive. A major part of this turn  around can be attributed to the city’s efforts in water conservation. Water tariffs were enforced, with heavy users and unnecessary water-use being prohibited. The addition of a new water pressure system helped curb 10% of overall municipal water consumption.

A Good Lesson

 The moral of the tale is clear to anyone willing to read between the lines. Gone are the days of selfish water-use and uncaring attitudes toward the safety of the planet. The Paris Agreement is a good example of the kind of world that we all need to strive for.

Hansgrohe’s Efforts

Hansgrohe, as usual, have been one step ahead of the game. Features like the Select button and EcoSmart have played a huge role in water and energy savings for their product lines. Curbing the flow down to 5l/minute has put Hansgrohe at the forefront of eco-friendly sanitary solutions.

The brand new Pontos is another exceptional development – an automated service which monitors your water flow and constantly checks your piping for leaks and water wastage.

The Water Calculator

But Hansgrohe have not stopped with better products. In fact, they plan to help you make better choices too. The Hansgrohe Water Calculator, which can be found on their website, is a brilliant tool for calculating how much water you are consuming.

It then goes on step further to show you exactly how much water you could save by switching to the Hansgrohe products. If you ever needed more proof that Hansgrohe is the way to go, take a moment to plug in your details on their calculator, and see for yourself!

Not only will you save water, save energy and save your money…

You will be saving the earth too.

hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water!

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