The Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) Supports Windaba Knowledge Streams

The AEEP has long recognised the unique and central role which energy plays as an enabler of (economic) development, and has worked for more than a decade with a wide range of stakeholders to foster policy and facilitate action on energy in Africa.

This is why the AEEP is proud to partner on this year’s Windaba conference and to support a series of breakaway sessions at the event. The conference’s overarching theme uniquely aligns with the AEEP’s aims and mandate, providing a timely forum to address key challenges and opportunities for renewable power’s contribution to African economic development. It also brings together decision makers, experts and participants from a range of sectors and beyond the political sphere, recognisinig that shared action and multiple efforts are needed.

The breakaway sessions supported by the AEEP give participants from a range of sectors the chance to share their knowledge, learn from others and collaborate. They address concrete questions and current issues in the renewable power space, and help enable action through knowledge facilitation. With the AEEP’s mandate to facilitate knowledge exchange for the African energy transition, helping ensure cross-cutting and cutting-edge insights are reflected in policy making, the Windaba breakaway sessions provide a valuable platform to enable action.

But the Windaba breakaway sessions do more than just enable knowledge exchange: They also help to build the networks of stakeholders and ecosystems across sectors which are needed to fully tap into Africa’s renewable energy and economic development potential.

This builds on the AEEP’s long-standing and unique convening power which has seen it bring together and support energy stakeholders, initiatives and activities for the past decade. The session on the role and contribution of academia to the African energy transition, supported by the AEEP, builds on this and presents just one practical example of how the AEEP and Windaba are working to support shared, long-term action.

Do not miss your opportunity to hear insights from the stellar line-up of industry experts at the must-attend annual gathering of the global wind energy market.
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