Tanzania: TANESCO to Sign PPA’s for Hydro and Solar Projects Totalling 19.16MW

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  • Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) has announced that they will be signing six power purchase agreements (PPA’s) with Independent Power Producers (IPPs).
  • The six renewable energy projects have a combined capacity of 19.16 MW.

The state-owned Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) is signing power purchase agreements (PPAs) with six independent power producers (IPPs) that are developing several renewable energy projects in Tanzania. TANESCO agrees to purchase 19.16 MW of electricity, under the supervision of the country’s Energy and Water Regulatory Authority (EWURA).

The winning IPP’s include:

  • Nishati Lutheran Investment, which is implementing a 36kW hydropower project at the Ijangala Falls in Makete.
  • Madope Hydro is implementing the 1.7 MW Madope Hydroelectric Project on the Madope River.
  • Luponde Hydro is also signing a PPA with Tanesco for its Luponde hydroelectric project (9 kW) on the Luhololo River in Njombe.
  • Lung’ali Natural Resources, which is implementing the Maguta hydroelectric project (1.2 MW) on the Lukosi River Falls in Kilolo.
  • NextGen Solawazi which is working on a 5 MW hydropower project in the Kigoma Special Economic Zone.
  • SSI Energy Tanzania, which is currently building a 10 MWp solar power plant in Kahama

According to the TANESCO, the six IPP’s will have to start commissioning their plants  within 18 months.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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