Tanzania Geothermal Development Company Issues Tender for Drilling of Two Shallow Geothermal Wells

  • The Tanzania Geothermal Development Company (TGDC) has issued a tender for the drilling of two shallow geothermal wells at the Songwe geothermal project in the Songwe Region.
  • These fields are located on the left bank of Songwe River, approximately 30Km west of Mbeya City.
  • Tenders must be submitted by November 10, 2022 at 10 AM local time.

The Songwe geothermal project is one of up to 52 areas have already been identified for potential geothermal development in Tanzania. Earlier this year, Energy Secretary Eng Felchesmi Mramba stated that the Tanzanian government is targeting to develop 200 MW of geothermal power generation capacity by 2025. Read more

Last year Tanznia

The Government of Tanzania has set aside funds for the operation of the Tanzania Geothermal Development Company Limited (TGDC) during the financial year 2021/2022. It is intended that part of the proceeds of the funds will be used to cover eligible payments under the contract for the Drilling of a minimum of Two Shallow Wells at the Songwe Geothermal Project in the Songwe Region.

The Tanzania Geothermal Development Company Limited (TGDC) now invites tenders from contractors registered as Specialist Civil Contractor in Class One for Provision of Drilling of a minimum of Two Shallow Wells at the Songwe Geothermal Project in the Songwe Region.

Tendering will be conducted through the National Competitive Tendering (NCT) procedures specified in the Public Procurement Regulations. Interested eligible Tenderer may obtain further information and inspect the Tendering Documents provided on TANePS.

A complete set of Tendering Document(s) in English may be obtained or downloaded through TANePS at www.taneps.go.tz or Link to the tender document HERE

Good luck!

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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