Sungrow Provides Inverter/Battery Solution for Poultry Factory Application in Egypt

  • Sungrow has signed a new BESS contract with KarmSolar, Egyptian largest private sector solar energy provider.
  • Sungrow will provide 2.576MWp PV inverter and 1MW/3.957 MWh energy storage system to build a microgrid for Cairo’s 3A Poultry Company.
  • The commercial project is expected to be commisioned in May.
  • Sungrow is the world’s most bankable inverter brand with over 182 GW installed worldwide as of June 2021.
  • Sungrow PV inverters come in a range from 2 kW to 6.8 MW and offer an efficiency of over 99%.
  • The company also offers high quality energy storage solutions.

The Sungrow system componenets are integrated making it more economical and simpler to transport, install and operate. Equipped with EMS, the post maintenance procedure is also streamlined and smart. In addition, being compatible to bifacial solar modules, and adopting higher-power PCS (max. efficiency up to 99%), this system achieves higher yield.

Alvin Shi, Managing Director of MENA Region, Sungrow said, “The Cairo 3A BESS project is the second one Sungrow achieved in Egypt. We are also supplying the largest solar-plus-storage plant locating Sukari gold mine. For years, Sungrow endeavors to meet the safety and reliability needs of our customers by pioneering zero-carbon microgrids. The Cairo 3A project demonstrates how microgrid could significantly benefit sustainable agricultural development and local people.”

Sungrow is committed to not only providing high-quality solutions and tailored services to Egypt but the entire African continent.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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