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Everyday life can seem overwhelming. We get so caught up in work, family responsibilities, bills and all the other seemingly endless commitments that, as life passes us by at a rapid pace, we lose ourselves in our daily routines and take some of the really important things for granted – like running water.

Most of us have the luxury of water on command at our fingertips. At the touch of a tap, it flows freely. We don’t really need to think about it because it’s simply there. But as the water crisis escalates, perhaps it’s time we spared a thought for this valuable resource so that we can keep it flowing just as freely in the future.

Here are a few tips from hansgrohe to save our precious liquid resource.

Shorter Showers

As it gets a bit colder in the mornings, there’s nothing better than a long, hot shower. Showers help us wake up, give us a chance to rehearse for that Idols audition and step out revitalised for the day ahead.

Unfortunately, long showers consume a lot of valuable water – up to around 65 litres for eight minutes. Taking a shower that only lasts five minutes or under can save about 20 000 litres of water a year. So, perhaps it’s time to practice your singing in another room.

A water-saving showerhead can also be a big help in lowering your daily usage. A hansgrohe EcoSmart shower can cut down on up to 60% of water consumption when compared to a conventional shower head. EcoSmart limits water flow, meaning less water needs to be heated, so it saves energy, too.

Taps Off

Hand hygiene is extremely important. But many of us habitually leave the tap running when we wash our hands. This is a simple habit that can be broken. And if we are able to do so on a national scale, thousands upon thousands of litres could be saved.

Run the tap to wet your hands, then turn it off and lather with soap. Try the doctor’s handwashing method to get full coverage and scrub all areas for at least 20 seconds. Then, turn the tap on again and rinse.

It’s also often habitual to have the tap on while we brush our teeth. Simply turn the tap off while you brush and back on again to rinse, and you’ll cut down drastically in your bigger picture water tally.

hansgrohe’s PuraVida electronic basin mixer offers a high-tech solution that uses infrared sensor technology to turn the tap on and off for you, with easy temperature adjustment and temperature control features.

Cooking and Cleaning

There are quite a few things we take for granted in our kitchens, too. In fact, water is generally splashed about with complete abandon as we prepare food, wash fruit and vegetables or do the dishes.

Save water by filling the basin with just enough water to wash your fruit and veg instead of running the tap. When boiling food in a pot, use just enough water to submerge it, rather than filling the entire pot to the top.

Dishwashers can be more water efficient than handwashing. But it’s important to limit the loads of dishes you wash. Try to only put the dishwasher on when it’s full. If you do handwash, even though it’s tempting to wash glasses and dishes as you use them, it’s more efficient to wash them all in one go using a single sink full of water.

For maximum efficiency, you can turn water on and off quickly at the touch of a button with one of hansgrohe’s stylish, award-winning kitchen taps, available in a variety of designs – from modern minimalist to classically curved.

Save Water in Style

hansgrohe’s range of waterwise kitchen and bathroom products are designed with style and maximum efficiency top of mind. In challenging times, we move with the curve, consistently creating forward-thinking products that are user friendly and attractive to the eye.

To view hansgrohe’s full range,

Here’s to South Africa staying safe and healthy.

hansgrohe. Sustainable by Design!

Clean drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce. Do your bit to save water. You can start by retrofitting your tap and shower mixers at home with Hansgrohe EcoSmart technology.

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