Globeleq’s Dhesen Moodley Appointed New Chair of South African Wind Energy Association

  • The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) has announced its new Board of Governance, following its 11th Annual General Meeting held in Cape Town, 27 January 2023.
  • As the country accelerates its energy transition and pushes for energy security, the men and women who hold positions on this board will be charged with steering and advocating for wind.

Dhesen Moodley, has been elected as the new Chair of SAWEA, having previously served on the board for over a year. Having built a career in the finance and energy sector, he has a deep history in developing, financing and managing independent power projects with exposure to solar PV, CSP, coal, gas and mini-hydro assets. He currently leads a team of over eighty South Africans managing a portfolio of six solar and two wind assets in which Globeleq is a majority shareholder.

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Acknowledging the strong leadership of the previous Chair, having successfully lead the industry through a turbulent few years and the Association’s solid management team led by Niveshen Govender, Moodley points out challenging tasks ahead.

“Although SAWEA has successfully advocated for more wind in the country’s energy plan, we are facing serious challenges.  We need to work with government, key stakeholders and business to find solutions to the challenges, primarily hinged on grid access, so that new electricity can be injected into the network as soon as possible,” said Dhesen Moodley, newly appointed Chair of SAWEA.

He added, “Wind technology is uniquely positioned to support energy security as it provides cost-competitive generation during the evening peak demand hours and complements the growing fleet of utility, commercial and residential solar PV. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and chip away at load shedding, as a national initiative. The next few years will not be easy.”

Three new board members, simultaneously voted in, include: Nontokozo Nkosi, Titania Stefanus-Zincke, and Jose Rodrigues.  They join existing members, namely:  Dhesen Moodley, Mercia Grimbeek and Mark Tanton.

Board members hold strategic leadership roles in their respective organisations, and therefore bring immense experience in the wind energy sector, ensuring that the organisation is well positioned to provide leadership to the broader industry.  The Board represents a blend of developers, IPPs and OEM’s, encompassing the critical role players in the wind energy value chain.

SAWEA operates as a common law, voluntary not-for-profit association that represents the South African wind industry. The Board is primarily concerned with issues of governance and strategy.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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