South Africa: REIPPPP Bid Window 6 Targeted to Open 28 September 2021 – Next Month

Over the next three years, Mulaudzi reported that the following technologies and associated capacities will be allocated for procurement:

  • 4800 MW of wind
  • 2000 MW of solar PV
  • 1500 MW of new build coal
  • 3000 MW of gas
  • 513 MW of battery energy storage

Bid Window Round 6

The timetable includes a target date of 28th  September 2021 for the launch of REIPPPP Bid Window Round 6 with targeted bid-submission date of 1st February 2022.

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Bid Window Round 7

REIPPPP Bid Window Round 7 is scheduled to open on 15th February 2022 with a targeted submission deadline date of 21st June 2022. Preferred bidders are expected to be announced 30th September 2022. Financial close deadline is targeted for 16th February 2023.

Energy Storage

A request for proposals for energy storage is targeted for release on 25th February 2022. Preferred bidders will be announced on 4th May 2022. Preferred bidders must reach financial close by 5th September 2022.

Gas to Power Procurement

A target date of 28th February 2022 is set for the launch of a gas power generation request for proposals (RFP) . Bid close is scheduled for 2nd September 2022 while financial close target date is 7 July 2023.

Coal Power Procurement

The coal power procurement RFP will be launched 31st March 2022. Bid submissions need to in by 4thDecember 2022 and preferred bidders are expected to be announced on 31st MARCH 2023. Financial close deadline for this programme is targeted for 6th April 2024.

2000MW Risk Mitigation IPP Procurement Programme (RMIPPPP) Deadline Extension

The preferred bidders in this programme were announce on the 18th March 2021 and had to reach financial close by 31st July 2021. The DMRE has controversially granted them a two month extension to 30 September. Mulaudzi said the delay was based on a lack of readiness by government and Eskom rather than the bidders. He also acknowledged that a legal challenge against the three Karpowership SA projects, which makes up around two thirds (1220MW) of the allocated 2000 MW, posed a risk to the programme.

Read more on the Karpowership fiasco HERE

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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