South Africa and Namibia explore mutual cooperation in energy, transmission and green hydrogen

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  • South Africa and fellow Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) country, Namibia, have explored areas of mutual cooperation in energy generation at a ministerial level meeting.

The meeting explored opportunities for mutual cooperation between South Africa and Namibia in the following areas:

  • Energy Generation – focusing on how natural resource endowments can be leveraged to support energy generation, regional sovereignty and regional energy security.
  • Transmission infrastructure planning – regional interconnectivity in the context of the SADC Power Pool.
  • Hydrogen Economy – benefaction to support regional socio-economic development.

A senior team of Eskom executives formed part of the delegation and shared the work already underway, and future planning to strengthen and expand the existing transmission infrastructure spanning from the Northern Cape in South Africa to Oranjemond in the south of Namibia.

The meeting discussed the development and exploitation of gas reserves from the Kudu fields in the Orange Basin to provide affordable gas fired base load power of up to 840MW for 35 years. South Africa could benefit from up to 600MW of this.

The meeting also took note of opportunities in the green hydrogen sector, including:

  • Trading of green hydrogen-based products, such as green ammonia and green steel.
  • Supply of components such as solar panels, electrolysers and wind turbines.
  • Development of requisite infrastructure from a corridor perspective.
  • Cooperation to introduce affordable technology for the electrolysis process.
  • Collaborative funding and deliberate project preparation to ensure shared benefit for all.

“Reiterating our historic political and cultural ties, Minister Ramokgopa expressed the hope that the visit and work around energy security and regional energy sovereignty will further cement the strong bonds between our Republics, in the interest of the development of the Region and its People,” Minister Ramokgopa’s office said in a statement.



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