Somalia seeks consultants for repair/expansion of the Bossaso Power Grid Project

  • The Federal Government of Somalia has received a Grant from the African Development Bank (AfDB) toward the cost of the undertaking  the project “Feasibility  & ESIA studies and  preparation of the draft bidding documents for the associated construction works for Repair/Expansion Bossaso Power Grid and Strengthening Institutions in-charge of Energy Sector in Somalia” Project.  

The Consultancy services (“the Services”) involve undertaking a complete project Feasibility & environmental and social impact Assessment (ESIA) studies and preparation of the draft bidding documents for the associated construction works of the Energy project. A current development in Somalia’s required vast rehabilitation, upgrading and expansion of the power Infrastructure by implementing construction projects.

This Consultancy will be implemented over a period of five (5) months or such other period as may be determined. The expected commencement date is May   2024 and completion date is September 2024. The Scope of Services includes:

The services to be provided under the Assignment include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Undertake assessment of the existing electricity supply network and electric power Infrastructure in Somalia and perform complete feasibility study for the  Repair/Expansion of the Bossaso Power Grid project. The study will also include identification of feasible (technically & economically) project components in the targeted areas under the scope of the feasibility study. 
  2. In relation to the environmental and social safeguards aspects, shall undertake the ESIA and RAP studies, taking into consideration the scope of works to be identified as an outcome of the technical feasibility study. The ESIA and RAP studies will be carried out in a participatory manner through a meaningful consultative process with key stakeholders, and in line with the relevant laws, regulations, and procedures of GoS as well as the Bank’s Integrated Safeguards System (ISS) – policy statement, operational safeguards and guidance materials, the Involuntary Resettlement Policy, the Environmental and Social Assessment Procedures.
  3. Shall prepare the design and draft standard bidding documents for the identified construction works and supply components (lots) as an output of the feasibility studies under the scope of the project. Also, the Consultant shall prepare the final project design and draft bidding documents for the MV & LV distribution works, Solar PV Mini-grid and Storage systems and supply of goods (i.e., energy meters, service cables and connection accessories including ready boards etc.) submit to the client.
  4. Undertake Assessment of capacity needs of the Institutions in-charge of Energy Sector, identification of skill development areas and skill/capacity gaps, knowledge transfer and accordingly develop the training plan and implementation modalities to strengthen the human capacity of relevant Institution in the Energy Sector.
  5. The Consulting firm are required to have experience in undertaking feasibility and ESIA studies of the energy Infrastructure projects particularly of the Power grid, MV & LV distribution Networks, Solar PV Mini-grid systems and preparation of engineering design and tender documents using standard bidding documents of African Development Bank (AfDB), World Bank  and other similar Development Banks.  The consulting firm in this EOI application is required only to indicate his interest and show its commitment to this requirement.
  6. The Consultant is expected to work in close collaboration with relevant institutions, in particular the Federal Ministry of Energy and Water Resources and Energy Ministry office of Puntland Federal Member state during the process of review, update, and preparation of the deliverables under this Assignment. The language of the Assignment is English.

The Ministry of Energy & Water Resources of Federal Government of Somalia, Executing Agency, now invites eligible consulting firms to indicate their interest in providing these services.

Link to the tender documents HERE

Good luck!

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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