Solis S6 Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter ideal for South Africa

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  • One of world’s largest inverter manufacturers, Ginlong Solis Technologies (Solis), who are globally known for their high-quality inverter range offer their S6 Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter to the South African market.
  • The inverter offers much flexibility and is well suited for local challenges with a built-in generator connections and control functions.
  • This means the intelligent inverter can switch between three independent power centres (solar, battery and generator/s) to meet household and commercial energy needs seamlessly.

Through enhanced connectivity and control capabilities, the Solis S6 Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter enables the easy incorporation of generators with multiple input methods and automatic on/off control, the company says.

“The S6 Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter combines solar generator and battery connectivity, which will help to liberate power-starved households and businesses in South Africa from the unpredictability of daily electrical outages,” says Solis South Africa country manager James Frank.

“Specifically, peak-shaving control in both self-use and generator modes allow users to prioritise backup power for their most mission-critical loads more flexibly and cost-effectively,” he adds.

This flexibility of the inverter range avoids over-specifying more capacity inverters, solar photovoltaic arrays, generators, and batteries than are necessarily required. This translates into considerable capital and operational savings, he notes.

Further, the range of inverters has a single- and three-phase capability, accommodating up to six connections in parallel, with a maximum total load of 48 kW, protected by a ten-second, 200% surge overload capability.

Owing an automatic uninterruptible power supply (UPS) switching function and the surge overload capability, users can be confident of a seamless supply during grid interruptions, even for the most sensitive electronic equipment, Frank says.

Added advantages of the Solis S6 Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter are:

  • Maximum charging and discharging current have been increased to 190 A, and automatic UPS switching functionality equips homeowners with a senseless switching, allowing users to eliminate power outages completely.
  • Multiple battery protection features and customisable charge/discharge time settings which are compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries
  • Larger DC input current up to 16A, making it more suitable for systems designed with high-efficiency, high-power photovoltaic modules,under limited installation area, the capacity can be increased by 3% to 11 %.
  • AC coupling extension – The S6 hybrid inverter can simulate the operation logic of the grid, realize the network operation of the grid-tied PV inverter, allowing the grid-tied system to continue working to provide power to the load, even without grid involvement.
  • Provides 6-stage customizable charging and discharging time settings, optimizing household electricity usage habits through reasonable charging and discharging settings, thereby reducing electricity expenses

“Unpredictable, lengthy, and multiple electricity outages have become a part of daily life for individuals and businesses across South Africa. We cooperated closely with Solis to successfully develop, trial, and prove a flexible and reliable inverter solution that alleviates long-term power shortages’ considerable economic and social impact,” says solar power equipment company Segen Solar chief sales officer Thabo Makhanya.

“The company has knowledgeable local teams, has tailored configurations for South Africa’s unique challenges and has good product availability, which should make it a compelling choice for distributors, installers and end-users,” adds Makhanya.

Solis Inverters approved by the City of Cape Town

City of Cape Town mayoral committee member for energy, Beverley van Reenen, has announced that from October 2023, all solar PV and/or battery storage applications at the City of Cape Town will be treated as grid-tied systems. This means that all systems need a City-approved inverter and professional sign-off. Solis inverters have been approved in compliance with the standards set by the Cape Town City council. Link to the list of approved inverters HERE

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Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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