Solar PV Powered Fridge for Milk, Beverages or Food Products

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  • Toulouse-based start-up Freecold has developed a PV-powered, battery-free mini tank for the storage of milk, juice, beverages, or food products.

The device has been designed for the needs of small producers, which do not need large storage tanks. The kit is made up of a mini-tank with a cold reserve and three photovoltaic modules which make it possible to reach four degrees Celsius in three hours with an outside temperature of 30 degrees. The cold reserve is isolated in order to limit heat loss during the night and to preserve the freshness accumulated during the day via a refrigeration unit with a power output of 450W which is directly powered by solar energy.

“The outer body of the double-walled tank is rotomolded in an unbreakable, impact-resistant plastic and injected with polyurethane foam to limit heat losses,” the manufacturer said. “Placed between the tank and the outer body, the evaporator is embedded in the patented Freecold Ecocontainer’s gel, to ensure, without batteries, cooling of the evening milking and quality of the cold during the night.”

The solar panels can be fixed with a mounting structure delivered with the kit and are designed for use in commercially available carports or shades. The refrigeration unit is placed under the tank and perforated side covers allow the heat to escape from the refrigeration unit and prevent small animal and rodent intrusion.

The device is currently competing in the 2022 Intersolar Awards innovation competition. Freecold develops and manufactures its direct solar cooling solutions in France where it also sells solar refrigerators and programmable refrigerators and freezers as well as hybrid or 100% solar air conditioning systems.

Author: Marie Beyer

This article was originally published in pv magazine and is republished with permission.


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