Solar PV Installers: Understand Financing Options and Tax Advantages – Training Course

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  • Being able to do a professional solar installation is not the only part of being an excellent installer.
  • There is also the important component of financing the PV system itself.
  • GREEN Solar Academy has created a course to help educate and equip installers in this field.

In the 1-day course Financing of PV Systems you will learn how to calculate the financial viability of Photovoltaic SSEG systems. The financial viability of a PV systems depends on the type of system, whether off-grid, grid-tied (embedded), grid-tied with battery backup. This course teaches you what financing models apply to the different types of systems and how to calculate their financial viability. You will also be introduced to different financing options, such as private equity, loans and leasing approaches and will discuss the tax advantages.

We make sure that the content will be presented in a hands-on and interactive manner. We combine the foundations of financials with real-life case studies and give you insights in successful financing of actual PV projects in South Africa.

Learn how to finance and understand tax incentives of solar pv systems for residential and commercial off- takers. Image credit: GREEN Solar Academy

What does the course cover?

  • Financial viability of SSEG PV systems
  • Differences between the various PV systems
  • Loans (secure and unsecure)
  • Tax advantages, implications of article 12B
  • Revenues and savings – electricity cost comparison Eskom vs PV
  • Cashflow and ROI calculation
  • How to understand and inform your client – what are the right questions and arguments

Who presents the course?

Dr. Philip Olivier

The course trainer is Dr. Philip Olivier. He is the founder and CEO of Olivia Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd, a company that specialises in the design and supply of PV solutions. Living in the Free State, Philip started out in the off-grid sector, then successfully ventured into more commercial projects, and now focuses mainly on large scale off-grid projects for farms.

He has always been interested in financing topics as well and became a solar PV financing expert by finishing his PhD on a financial model for solar power for dairy farms in the Free State.

Being a solar and financing expert and successfully using these skills every day, Philip is probably one of the best persons to pass on valuable tips and tricks to ambitious solar installers.

Who should apply?

Solar Installation Companies, specifically:

  • Business owners and CEOs
  • Solar engineers and technicians with excellent technical experience but a lack in financial knowledge
  • Salespersons who want to understand the product “PV” and how end clients benefit

When and where does it take place?

Date: 26 August 2021

Course launch discount: R3,160.00 excl. VAT (Available until 19 August)

Location: Johannesburg

Schedule: 1 days, daily from 9am to 5pm. Dates are available online.

Interested? Contact us, online registration: . Email: or Call: + 27 (0)10 312 6724


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