SMA’s pioneering 300MW Grid Forming BESS Solution to provide transmission stability services in Scotland

  • A very large battery energy storage system (BESS) connected to transmission system for stability services is under construction in Blackhillock, Scotland.
  • The first phase of the battery system with 200 MW begins commercial operations in the coming summer months.
  • SMA is supplying 62 Medium Voltage Power Stations with the SMA Large Scale Grid Forming Solution.
  • The next project in Scotland will follow soon, in Kilmarnock.
  • The total capacity will be 300 MW/600 MWh once fully built.

SMA’s Large Scale Grid Forming Solution and turnkey medium voltage power stations is key to the project’s success, accelerating achievement of the UK’s zero-carbon energy goals.

Benefits of SMA’s Large Scale Grid Forming Solution include :

Inertia: The SMA Grid Forming Solution for virtual inertia immediately compensates for any frequency interferences, resulting in a robust and secure power system.

System strength: Improvements in system strength and short-circuit levels enable resilient energy systems with high power quality. This facilitates even higher levels of renewable generation and ensures reliable transport of energy.

System restoration: The SMA Grid Forming Solution for system recovery can be used to initiate a black start and local grid restoration quickly and safely. Market models are continually evolving to enable revenue opportunities for this crucial capability.

Grid Booster: Grid booster systems are placed at strategic locations in the transmission grid, providing additional large-scale support. They add flexibility to existing transmission systems and relieve constraints while reducing the need for costly redispatch measures.

Island operation of partial network sections: With the SMA Grid Forming Solution, grid operators can temporarily continue to operate locally disconnected grid sections until normal operation is restored. This avoids supply interruptions.

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You can find more information about the SMA Large Scale Grid Forming Solution here: Download brochure (pdf)

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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