Risen Energy Now Offers High Quality 370Watt Bifacial PERC Solar Modules

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  • The China-based company has made a major breakthrough in the mass production of its 370-W bifacial PERC double-glass module.
  • Annual production capacity is now up to 800 MW and set to increase.
  • The bifacial PERC double-glass module is expected to increase power generation by up to 30%.

Risen Energy is a Bloomberg rated Top 10 Tier 1 solar module manufacturer who has recently   entered the SADC market. The China-based company has made a major breakthrough in the mass production of its 370-W bifacial PERC double-glass module. With the new technology, the company has grown the annual capacity of the module to some 800 MW.

The company spent nearly six months completing the development of the bifacial PERC double-glass module. In addition to a highly improved moisture barrier, a common problem in double-glass modules, the frame design significantly enhances the module’s compressive strength by providing protection, allowing for more convenient installment and substantially reduced incidence of micro-cracking.

During the R&D process for the module, one of the challenges was to create a model that could support the most updated designs and the combination of glass and frame. In addition, the biggest challenge in mass production of the module was to enhance the lamination process in order to ensure higher quality and a better appearance.

The bifacial PERC double-glass module is expected to increase power generation by up to 30%, with the amount of boost dependent on the environment where the module is installed, generally adding at least 1% additional income to the return on investment for any project in which it is deployed.

As China’s PV market matures, efficient and high-quality products will continue to gain popularity in the industry, while the mass production of Risen Energy’s bifacial PERC double glass module will fully meet the demand for high-power modules in China. Looking ahead, availability of the highly efficient module will eventually be extended to international markets.

Driven by the changes in government policies, the PV industry has accelerated the pace of grid parity, forcing industry players to engage in upgrades of their equipment. PV module-related new technologies and products as well as new models for PV power stations will bring solar-provided electricity to grid parity from a technical perspective and insure a high income for partners.

Risen Energy has successfully broken technical barriers this time and will continue to further expand the production capacity of the bifacial PERC double glass module in due course. With a corporate philosophy that allows each of its employees to “dare to think, dare to do and everything becomes possible,” the company fully expects to remain competitive no matter what changes appear to roil the market environment.

Company Snapshot:

  • Risen Energy is global, Tier 1, “AAA” credit rated manufacturer of high-performance solar photovoltaic panels.
  • They currently have 6,6GW of automated production capacity at their factory in Changzhou City, China with an additional 5 GW on plan.
  • The company publicly listed in 2010 and has a market value of approximately 18 billion USD.
  • They were recently rated 6th best manufacturer in the world by Bloomberg Energy.
  • Risen Energy is targeting the medium to large scale EPC on the African Continent with competitive pricing from 1MW upwards.

The most popular model well suited for the African market is their 72 cell 320 to 340Wp polycrystalline model. Risen can deliver CIF to any country in Africa or to site.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

Email enquiries: enquiry@risenafrica.com

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