Risen Energy Moves Up to Third – Bloomberg’s Latest Top 20 Tier 1 Solar Module Ranking

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  • Bloomberg, the company that delivers business and market news worldwide, has a division call Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
  • They publish a list of the top 20 solar panel manufacturers every quarter.
  • Risen Energy has moved from number 6 to number 3 in the world.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance use the term Tier 1 which is not a grading on quality but rather a rating on the bankability of the panel. In other words Bloomberg releases a list of the world’s top solar panel manufacturer’s base on their financial stability.

The Bloomberg ranking does however infer quality because a bank will not finance a 75Megawatt solar farm worth US70 Million if the panels were likely to fail over the life of the project (usually 20 – 25 years). Another quality inference is that the Bloomberg ranking only includes suppliers with their own manufacturing facility. Companies that assemble or outsourced manufacturing are excluded from the list.

Africa is set to boom regarding solar power roll out. It is important that poor quality solar panels are not dumped on the continent at bargain basement prices. Use Bloomberg’s Tier 1 rating as reference plus make sure there is a credible quality assessment company’s stamp of approval when deciding on which panel to purchase. Tier 1 manufactures typically offer a 12 year factory warranty plus 25 linear performance warranties.

Risen Energy is actively making inroads in the African solar Pv market both at utility scale plus commercial rooftop installations. They are currently listed third in Bloomberg’s Top 20 plus they have quality certification from Photon with a ranking of 2 out of 176 international solar module manufacturers.

Don’t take a chance on quality, specify Risen Energy solar panels.

Author: GBA News Desk


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