PV*SOL Valentin Software Changing Lives of Young Engineers in Ghana

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  • PV*SOL premium might have been born and bred in Germany, but it’s about to be put through its paces in Ghana, West Africa, as the solar simulation software of choice to train students of the solar training centre at Takoradi Technical University.

PV*SOL premium is developed by Valentin Software, a leading developer of design software for sustainable energy supplies since 1988. It is a dynamic simulation program with 3D visualization and detailed shading analysis for the calculation of all types of modern photovoltaic systems in combination with appliances, battery systems and even electric vehicles.

Valentin is one of the founding members of a loose network of African and European solar companies called Solar Hub West Africa, who are cooperating to promote renewable energy in West Africa. Through this initiative, Valentin partnered with GREEN Solar Academy, Africa’s premier provider of solar training for professionals, as well as Takoradi Technical University (TTU), to set up a solar training centre on the university’s premises.

The SuperSolarSchool in Accra, Ghana, will teach you how to install Solar PV systems correctly according to international standards and how to plan and manage and sell a project and size the system including the battery pack according the client’s requirements. Image credit: GREEN Solar Academy

The state-of-the art facility is equipped with live, leading-edge components from big brands like Victron, Jinko, Fronius and Phocos. It is designed to train graduates in all facets of solar energy installation, equipping them with the theoretical and practical skills required to secure employment in the renewable energy sector. An internship with a local Solar Hub West Africa installer follows the training.

The inauguration of the centre takes place on 15 February and will be followed by a stakeholder workshop where key roleplayers will discuss how to partner with TTU to promote PV training and internship opportunities for the youth.

Realted news: State-of-the-art solar PV training centre Opens in Takaradi, Ghana

The goal of this project is to increase the employment rate of young university students in the solar industry in Ghana by involving them in the industry at an early stage to shape their skills and knowledge in a way the industry needs.

With PV*SOL clients have a clear picture of what their system will look like.

PV*SOL premium is already widely used by educational institutions worldwide thanks to its intuitive and easy to use interface, leading the system designer step-by-step through the steps of the design.

The software is also used globally by some of the most innovate companies large and small, giving even the smallest one-man business the power of a dedicated engineering, costing and procurement team. PV*SOL premium offers you intelligent built-in 3D rendering and shading simulations, access to live climate date and current product databases, options to incorporate financial incentives and complex tariff structures resulting in better financial planning, and professional, detailed reports that will appeal to clients and partners alike. All this in one powerful, user-friendly software.

Make better design decisions thanks to the accurate predictions of PV*SOL premium. Download the full-featured, free 30-day trial HERE or contact GREEN Solar Academy on +27 10 312 6724 or pvsol@solar-training.org for a quote.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal



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