Panasonic Pilots Hydrogen Fuel Cells with Solar PV for 100% Renewable Energy Solution for Business’s

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  • Panasonic Corporation has announced its plan to demonstrate an “Renewable Energy 100 solution” (RE100) that supplies 100% of the electricity consumed in business activities from renewable sources by using an in-house power generation system combining pure hydrogen fuel cell generators and photovoltaic generators.
  • This is the world’s first1attempt to create an “RE100 factory” through the full-scale use of hydrogen.

Panasonic proposes a solution that combines pure hydrogen fuel cell generators, photovoltaic generators, and storage batteries to provide 100% power from renewable sources.

To demonstrate this solution, Panasonic will build a large facility at its Kusatsu site in Shiga Prefecture, which is equipped with an in-house power generation system that combines pure hydrogen fuel cell generators (500 kW) and photovoltaic generators (approx. 570 kW), as well as lithium-ion storage batteries (approx. 1.1 MWh) for storing surplus power.

The power generated with this system supplies the entire power used in manufacturing departments of the fuel cell factory located within the Kusatsu site. In parallel, Panasonic will develop and verify technologies related to the optimal power supply and demand management based on integrated control of the power generators and the storage battery system.

Configuration of the RE100 solution
demonstration facility system. Image credit: Panasonic

The combination will help solve the problem with photovoltaic power generation, which requires a large installation area and is susceptible to weather conditions, resulting in unstable power generation. In addition, this will enable the construction of an in-house power generation system in a limited space, such as on the roof of a factory, to supply efficient and stable electricity for business activities.

Furthermore, the combination of lithium storage batteries enables adequate energy management in response to power demand and effective use of surplus power generated during days when the factory is not in operation. Through this demonstration, Panasonic will accumulate know-how and establish a track record in energy management, including the operation of pure hydrogen fuel cell generators, and aim to commercialize the RE100 solution, which uses power generated in-house from renewable sources to supply 100% of the electricity required for business activities.

Link to more technical details on this pilot project  HERE

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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