Namibia Issues RFI for Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Projects

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  • Namibia has launched requests for proposals (RFP) for the development of green hydrogen and green ammonia projects in the //Kharas region of the country
  • Preliminary estimates are that Namibia has the potential for annual production of green ammonia in excess of 2.5 million metric tonnes.
  • This figure is expected to attract more than US$6 billion in foreign direct investment which is anticipated to generate annual revenues in excess of US$800 million.

The country has recently formed a Green Hydrogen Council under the leadership of Obeth Kandjoze. “When combined with its access to a seaport and vast open land, Namibia is ranked as one of the best countries in the world to produce Green Hydrogen & Amonia,” said Kandjoze at the tender launch last week.

He added that developed economies are accordingly spending a significant portion of money in research and development to increase the economic viability of hydrogen produced using renewable energy. “Namibia is thus strategically positioned to benefit from a significant inflow of FDI and has a great opportunity to foster the establishment of a new industry,” Kandjoze added.

Germany’s Green Hydrogen Commissioner, Stefan Kauffman, has called the development of the Green Hydrogen a “win-win for Namibia and Germany”.  Kauffman said this crucial project will make Namibia self-sustainable in terms of energy production with the potential to export green energy to the region and beyond. He also stated the intent to launch a Namibia-German Hydrogen Council within the next few weeks.

The Namibian Green Hydrogen Council is expected to work closely with their German counterparts to plan the deployment of this investment into the crafting of a Namibian Green Hydrogen Strategy which includes funding feasibility studies and pilot projects across Namibia. It also includes the establishment of the Namibian Green Hydrogen Research Institute, as envisioned by the University of Namibia to conduct critical in-country research and development. Lastly, the investment will also be used to launch the NamKanda Scholarship Fund which will provide an opportunity for 25 Namibians interested to develop the requisite skills to meaningfully participate in a green hydrogen industry.

Link to the RFI document HERE

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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