My Experience at the Newly Launched Solar Business Basics Course

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  • I’m Tsakani and I am the Sales and Community Manager at GREEN Solar Academy, and I had the great privilege to be part of the first group to attend the new course, the Solar Business Basics.
  • I got to meet and interact with new people, from different industries, there was a businessman, someone starting off in a solar company, one looking to start a solar company and someone in retail and all these people are looking to join the solar industry.
  • I went into the course not knowing what to expect.

The training covered all the basics of solar, the different solar components, what their functions are, and the different types of solar systems, which was my favourite topic of the training. The trainers were accommodating and made time for questions. We were in a small group and that was great because the trainer could easily interact with each and every one of us.

My favourite topics that were covered in the training are the different types of solar systems and the difference between the series and parallel connections of a system, and getting to do that practically with the lexSolar kits was great.

Getting to grips with the basic’s of how solar power is produced. Image credit: GREENSolar Academy

This is a comment made by one of the participants:

“I definitely learnt a lot from the training, a lot more than I expected and its things that I wouldn’t have gotten or understood if I had just read from the internet.”

This course is a safe place where you can ask all and any questions (even the ones considered to be stupid questions). Because this course is for all who really want to start from scratch, from the very basics of solar PV. Like wanting to understand the different solar components and their functionalities.

From this experience, I can definitely say the Solar Business Basics course is the perfect course for people looking to join the industry but have no background knowledge and want to learn everything from the very basics of what solar is.

Some of the graduates who completed the course with me. Image credit: GREENSolar Academy

Solar Business Basics will provide you with the fundamentals that you need to understand when starting out in the PV industry. You will be able to understand technical terms, sell PV systems, and grasp the business side of PV, without having to go into deep technical detail. In the three days, you will learn about the basics of solar electricity, the functionality of PV system components, the quality and selection criteria of PV components, and system operation and maintenance. The course also covers all the questions that customers may ask you, such as PV safety aspects, financial feasibility, and advantages of solar PV.

If you are looking to register you can register for the upcoming course on 04-06 July 2022 in Johannesburg, you get to pay the early bird discount price of R5,865.00 excl. VAT. Register here or contact us on  +27 (0) 10 312 6724  or WhatsApp us on +27 (0) 73 223 0521 You can email us on

Author: Tsakani Mashila


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