MOU Signed for 50MW Solar PV Plant in Mozambique

  • The government of Mozambique has signed a memorandum of understanding for the construction  of a 50MW solar PV plant in Lichinga, the capital of Niassa province, northern Mozambique.
  • The USD 200 nillion project is expected to begin in September.
  • The MOU was signed between the provincial government, the Anglican church in Niassa and Gigawatt Global.

Director of Mineral Resources and Energy in Niassa, Danta Ross, announced that the project is the result of a conference on development investment in the province in April; and will increase the population’s access to electricity significantly, reducing intermittent and cuts in supply.

“The electricity from the plant will be fed into to the EDM distribution network, but application will depend on the capacity for reception and transformation in EDM substations, because of its power,” she added.

The electricity produced will be channelled to the national grid managed by state-owned Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) to cover the shortfall that some districts in the province currently face, namely Lago, Mecula, Mecanhelas, Mavago and Mandimba.

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Once completed, the plant will increase the quality of electrical energy and promote the industrialization of Niassa province, an objective included in its strategic plan for the next twelve years.The project is also expected to employ 200 people and boost local businesses in the areas of accommodation, catering, rental and sale of essential goods

The plant will be located where it will stimulate development of industry in Niassa through the transportation of raw materials and final products from their production sites. The power plant will also help address deficiencies in electricity supply in the northern half of the country, as well as promoting the development in Lichinga.

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Source: LUSO

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