Mini Batteries for Apartment Balcony Solar Panels

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  • Soleis AG’s new Minitower1 battery system can store solar power from balcony PV modules.

Throughout the day, the solar panels provide power for the basic load of apartments and store excess energy in storage systems. At night, the batteries release energy into home networks, with adjustable output from 30 W to 270 W.

Two PV modules can be connected to the storage tanks to charge the batteries. Additional modules can be connected via another connection. However, they do not charge the batteries – instead, they feed electricity directly into the home network, bypassing the battery. This ensures that the batteries in the power storage unit are charged and that the base load in the home is covered with solar power, even when there is little solar radiation.

The connections between the storage tanks and the home networks are made via sockets or plugs. The batteries are the size of home computers and are available in 1 kWh and 2 kWh versions.

Author: Ralph Diermann

This article was originally published in pv magazine and is republished with permission.


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