Mercedes-Benz Launches VISION EQXX EV Concept With Over 1000Km Range on Single Charge

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  • Mercedes-Benz has announced the Vision EQXX, its new solar assisted electric powered concept car with a travel range of over 1000 kilometers on a single charge. 
  • The vehicle was launched virtually at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

The company says it based its range estimates on a simulation of real-life traffic conditions, fueling claims that it will consume energy at a rate of 10kWh per 100 kilometers, or more than 6 miles per kWh. Translated into fossil-fuel consumption terms, this is around the 1 liter of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

Mercedes says it achieved this energy efficiency not by cramming an oversized battery under the floor of the vehicle but by “pulling out all the stops in drivetrain efficiency, energy density, aerodynamics, and lightweight design… The result is an efficiency masterpiece.”

The vehicle has a gross weight of 1,750 kg. The sleek new design is meant to reduce aerodynamic drag, with Mercedes claiming a “benchmark” coefficient of 0.17 based on a 140km/h wind tunnel test.

The efficiency assistant enhances the driver’s own senses, even taking into account the direction and intensity of the sun and wind. Mercedes VISION EQXX. Image credit: Mercedes

The Vision EQXX will get some help from the 117 solar cells installed in the vehicle’s roof. Developed in collaboration with Europe’s largest solar energy research institute, the solar roof is meant to offset the energy drain on the high-voltage system while also increasing the range. According to Mercedes, the solar cells can add up to 25 km of range on long-distance journeys under ideal conditions in a single day.

The power generated by the solar cells is stored in a lightweight lithium-iron-phosphate battery which supplies a climate blower, the lights, the infotainment system and other ancillaries. “Mercedes-Benz and its partners are working towards using solar power to charge the high-voltage system, too,” the manufacturer said.

Link to full press release on the Vision EQXX HERE

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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