Meadows Energy Partners WithG7 Renewable Energy in Risk Mitigation IPP Procurement Project

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  • Meadows Energy, a 100% women-owned energy company in South Africa,  has been announced as G7 Renewable Energies’ partner for the Oya Hybrid Energy Project.
  • The 128MW Oya Energy Hybrid Facility, which will eventually offer dispatchable renewable energy as part of the Risk Mitigation Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (RMIPPPP), will utilise co-located wind turbines, solar PV arrays, Lithium-Ion batteries and a hybrid controller that orchestrates all three technologies to provide dispatchable power to the grid as and when needed.

In partnership with G7 Renewable Energies, Meadows Energy will begin the construction of the Oya Energy Hybrid Project this year and complete it within 18 months to help ease South Africa’s power crisis.

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“After years of G7 spearheading the wind energy industry in the country, the unique opportunity of the RMIPPPP – to provide reliable, low cost, on demand power to South Africa – they pioneered beyond conventional parameters and partnered with us to deliver the Oya Energy Hybrid Project” says Meadows Energy co-founder and MD Romaya Dorasamy. “Meadows Energy is committed to a future where South Africa will have adequate power for all, this can only be achieved through meaningful inclusion of local communities.”

The Meadows Energy team has been involved in the development of over 800MW utility scale renewable energy projects in Southern Africa. The team has also been involved in successfully completing the engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and registration of over 6MW of Small-Scale Embedded Generation Solar PV projects in South Africa.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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