LED Floodlighting Solution for Sports Fields in Khayelitsha, Cape Town

BEKA Schréder - OMNIblast-E Midi

  • BEKA Schréder is proud to have supplied the LED floodlighting solution for the Khayelitsha and Makhaza sports fields in Khayelitsha township near Cape Town, Western Cape Province.

The City of Cape Town decided to install energy-efficient LED floodlights for these popular communal sports fields. With this new floodlight installation, the community is able to use the facilities even at night.

BEKA Schréder’s OMNIBLAST-2-E MAXI were the LED floodlights of choice. The South-African designed and manufactured OMNIBLAST-E range offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to maximise energy and maintenance savings.

Light Your Sports Facility, Not Your Neighbourhood

LEDs offer a great level of visual comfort, with white tones that are optimised for a sports environment. Over decades of lighting sports fields and stadiums, BEKA Schréder have honed their expertise in photometry, with all their floodlights having a range of symmetrical and asymmetrical light beam options. It is easy to light a pitch, but it is not just about illuminating the field: you need to be able to see your team members and opposition, including the equipment used (like a soccer ball).

Furthermore, it is important to get the right light in the right place, without light spill, not just for players, but for your area as well. Sports facilities in residential areas not only need to consider regulations on light pollution, but neighbours should not be negatively impacted by the lighting installation.

The OMNIBLAST-E illuminates the Makhaza sports field. Image credit: BEKA Schréder

Full scope sports lighting solution

BEKA Schréder’s full scope solution starts with an audit and then bringing in their expertise on compliance with standards and essential parameters, such as the safety and comfort of users, light pollution and minimising neighbourhood disturbance.

This is followed by producing a tailor-made LED luminaires and control systems solution. BEKA Schréder is able to offer a complete solution that covers outdoor and indoor playing areas, as well as car parks, change room facilities, fields, pavilions, spectator stands, and any other areas inside or outside of the buildings: a holistic approach is central to everything they do.

BEKA Schréder locally develops and manufactures energy-efficient LED lighting products, designed and suitable for local conditions. We are very proud to be associated with the City of Cape Town, Eng-X Consulting Engineers and Maritz Electrical in providing a successful floodlighting solution for this project.

For further enquiries, contact Grant Kemp at 021 510 8900 or ct@beka-schreder.co.za.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

BEKA Schréder - OMNIblast-E Midi

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