Koya Capital and Stratek Global sign partnership for innovative small modular nuclear reactor in South Africa

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  • Koya Capital has been impressed with the small nuclear reactor system developed by the Stratek Global team in Pretoria, South Africa.
  • They have signed an agreement that will assist Stratek Global to drive the financing and construction of a R 9 billion first of kind nuclear reactor in South Africa. 

Stephen Edkins stated “This collaboration transcends mere reactor construction, it is about establishing a benchmark in clean, dependable energy for Africa and the wider world, and we are thus excited to work alongside Stratek Global in this innovative endeavour. We have been examining the entire system for some nine months and are satisfied that it is a highly viable nuclear energy option.”

“There is a growing realization that nuclear energy is the best way to address the substantial demand for clean base-load power in Africa and around the world.”

As a result, of this agreement Koya Capital will assist Stratek Global to drive the financing and construction of a R 9 billion ($500 million) First Of A Kind (FOAK) reactor in South Africa. The reactor is the Pretoria-developed HTMR-100 (Small Modular Reactor – SMR), which produces 100MW of heat and 35MW of electricity. In so doing, we will develop the technology and capabilities to assist countries meet their current and future energy demands, and early outreach has identified a significant market for such reactors.

The South African engineers have designed their reactor to not need a large body of water for reactor cooling. This is most important because it means that the reactor system can be placed almost anywhere, thereby covering a variety of use cases.

The South African nuclear regulatory system is also extremely advanced, thereby easily complying with any international standards in this respect.

The HTMR-100 can be deployed individually, or grouped in pairs, fours, or more, to suit the requirements of customers. Any installation can be added to later, as demand requires, or as finances allow.

An SMR reactor system can be integrated into a National Grid, deployed in a stand-alone mini grid, or used to power a mine or industrial park to fulfil bespoke energy requirements.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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