KenGen Named East Africa’s Best Sustainable Power Producer

  • The award recognises KenGen’s sustainability efforts in energy generation with a strong focus on geothermal generation.

The Kenya Electricity Generating Company’s (KenGen) deliberate focus on renewable energy has earned the company recognition in the 2018 Capital Finance International Awards. The power utility has been named East Africa’s best sustainable power producer.

The company was also awarded the top honour for its sustained effort, through the KenGen Foundation, to implement its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that impact on communities that live around its power installations and projects.

KenGen’s MD and CEO, Rebecca Miano, noted that the award recognises the company’s effort to enhance renewable energy sources for the country. “It also recognises the deliberate efforts we have taken to implement our Good to Great strategy and also ensuring the sustainability of the company from one generation to another,” Miano added.

Miano said the award recognised KenGen’s sustainability efforts in energy generation with a strong focus on geothermal generation. She stressed that geothermal is not only a renewable resource but also sustainable and not affected by weather. Geothermal energy is a unique renewable source of energy because of its high reliability that enables it to be a perfect source of baseload energy.

The award comes at a time when KenGen is finalising the development of the 165.4MW Olkaria V Geothermal Project, which is due for commissioning in July this year, bringing to 699.4MW the total installed Geothermal energy capacity by KenGen.

“The judging panel gives KenGen top marks for its good corporate citizenship and congratulates Kenya Electricity Generating Company on its 2018 award win for Best Sustainable Power Producer (East Africa),” said Lucinda Cherryson, the award’s liaison officer in the awards Judge’s report.

Author: GBA News Desk/ESI-Africa Contributor

This article was originally published on ESI Africa and is republished with permission with minor editorial changes.



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