JinkoSolar Wins Harvard Business Review ESG Innovator of 2022 Award

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  • JinkoSolar, one of the largest and most innovative solar panel manufacturers in the world,  has won the Harvard Business Review Global Chinese Edition “ESG Innovator of 2022”.
  • This recognizes JinkoSolar’s innovative best practices in ESG and highlights its contribution to social responsibility and sustainability. 
  • JinkoSolar powers 50% of its operations with renewable energy, and three of its fourteen factories used renewable energy for 100% of their needs.

As a key player in the global solar industry, JinkoSolar has the responsibility to work with industry partners to take continuous actions with regard to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues.

In terms of “Green Manufacturing”, in 2022, JinkoSolar powered 50% of its operations with renewable energy, and three of its fourteen factories used renewable energy for 100% of their needs. Most factories’ rooftops have been fitted with solar PV systems, some of which integrate the latest BIPV and ESS storage solutions to make better use of solar power. In addition, it has successfully promoted a variety of innovative programs for energy conservation, water conservation, and waste reduction across its global facilities.

As for “Build A Responsible Supply Chain”, in 2022, JinkoSolar continued to diversify and strengthen supplier sustainability through its supply chain ESG management platform and uncovering opportunities to lower its impact on the environment. The Company organized and held regular online webinars and e-learning courses for its suppliers to promote ESG principles, guidelines and responsible supply chain best practices. Its efforts in the supply chain also included safety and health support training for all critical high-risk suppliers and helping suppliers establish long-term sustainability targets. To increase climate resiliency across the supply chain, JinkoSolar also joined the SBTi.

In terms of “Create a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace”, in 2022, JinkoSolar created new job opportunities globally applying its Human Resources Policy and Diversity and Inclusion policies that aim to achieve equality in the workplace. Looking ahead, JinkoSolar will continue to respond timely to employee needs and suggestions through the Engagement Survey and other diverse reporting channels to support employee work-life balance. In addition, JinkoSolar has developed hundreds of programs, skill training courses, and an ongoing education academy to empower employees at different levels and cultivate talents for the future.

In terms of “Charity”, the JinkoSolar’s Charity Foundation has long been investing in communities through donations and volunteering services.

The ESG Report that JinkoSolar publishes each year keeps pace with global sustainability trends and has become a roadmap to further its ESG efforts.

“We are honored to receive this award that validates our constant efforts to contribute to social responsibility and sustainability” said Dany Qian, VP of JinkoSolar, “Equality & Responsibility is a pillar of JinkoSolar’s core values. As the company continues to grow, so do our responsibilities. We will continue to hold true to our ESG vision to uplift society as we carry on.”

Link to JinkoSolar List of Distributors in Africa HERE

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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