JinkoSolar Updates Value-based Strategy Combining Principles, Social Responsibility and Profitability

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  • JinkoSolar has officially updated its new value-based strategy to redefine the incorporation of principles, social responsibility and profitability. 
  • JinkoSolar began in 2006 as a wafer manufacturer before going public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2010.
  • The value of its brand is intrinsically associated with achieving carbon neutrality through the gradual phasing out of fossil fuels and their replacement by renewable energy.

Ms. Dany Qian, JinkoSolar Vice President commented, “The company’s culture and day-to-day operations are guided by the principles of “equity, responsibility, progress and creativity. We aim to empower global industries and organizations to make the best use of solar power, and to do well in business by doing good through commitments in social responsibility.”

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In its strategy outline, JinkoSolar has integrated corporate social responsibility (CSR) into the products, services, and business model that the company offers. This strategy bridges the usual distinction between CSR initiatives and its core business activities. Instead of positioning CSR as peripheral, JinkoSolar will build CSR or “doing good” into its profit-making objectives, or “doing well”. Its new corporate slogan is “Be Your Climate Action Partner”, reflecting a combination of technical innovation, green transformation, and social development that it will bring to its enterprise partners and customers as they navigate challenges at the organizational and value-chain action levels.

JinkoSolar has, throughout its history, leveraged its massive customer base around the world to empower other organizations and industries to achieve carbon neutrality. In addition to solar panel sales, JinkoSolar works with an unrivaled ecosystem of partners to optimize and deliver carbon-neutral pathways. Its network includes institutions, energy design houses, key component vendors, system integrators, omnichannel distributors, Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) partners, and cross-PV industry conglomerates (based on technologies other than silicon). Working closely with governments and global customers, JinkoSolardelivers the consulting, design, deployment, and optimization that makes it possible for the harnessing of data, products, technologies, and services towards achieving carbon neutrality.

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Overall, the strategy focuses on carbon neutrality of industries, zero-emission buildings and transportation, and conventional energy optimization, coupling these with solar energy, 24/7 solar-plus-storage clean power solutions, rural electrification, and other forms of resource conservation through solar powered water and irrigation for agricultural land, solar pumping, solar desalination and desert greening.

New requirements for companies and organizations to incorporate climate goals into their business operations have quickly driven up complexities and uncertainties. JinkoSolar’s value-based strategy highlights the importance of aligning organization and action to navigate challenges as companies and organizations strive to make carbon neutrality, the central goal in their strategic focus.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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