JinkoSolar Sets New Record for N-type Mono Cell Efficiency – 25.4%!

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  • Jinko Solar is the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world in terms of cumulative global shipments boasting accolades for the highest quality and performance.
  • The company has announced that it has achieved a major technical breakthrough on its N-type monocrystalline silicon solar cell.
  • JinkoSolar has set a new world record for the fourth time in a year with the maximum solar conversion efficiency of 25.4% for its large-size passivating contact solar cell.
  • The achievement, which surpasses JinkoSolar’s previous record of 25.25% set back in May, has been independently verified by the Japan Electrical Safety and Environment Technology Laboratories (JET).

The record-breaking monocrystalline silicon solar cell was fabricated on a high quality CZ mono-Si substrate. Ultrafine line metallization, advanced diffusion, low parasitic absorption material, JinkoSolar’s self-developed HOT technologies, and a series of material upgrade were integrated into the cell process to set this new world record for maximum conversion efficiency of 25.4%.

Dr. Hao Jin, Chief Technology Officer of JinkoSolar Co., Ltd., commented, “We are very proud to play a vital role in raising industry standards and to set a fourth world record within a year with our groundbreaking N-type solar cell. We will continue to provide customers with the most LCOE-competitive products they need for large scale projects, and at the same time, this is a big milestone in our R&D capabilities to make clean energy affordable and sustainable for everyone. We will continue to lead with innovative products and solutions for our global customers who depend on us for our breakthrough technology and reliable supply chain.”

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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