JinkoSolar set regain No.1 spot for sales achieved in 2023

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  • JinkoSolar, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, is propelling the industry into a new era with the announcement of China’s first patent licensing deal closed with another TOP 10 players for TOPCon technology.

This comes at a time when the adoption and utilisation of N-type TOPCon by utilities, businesses and consumers has surged and continues expanding into new power and efficiency, new reliability, new record low LCOE, and new experiences, and new applications, noted Dany Qian, VP of JinkoSolar.

She also disclosed some details of its flagship model Tiger Neo updated version. This upgraded N-type Tiger Neo boasts remarkable features, including a 635Wp output, 23.6% module efficiency, -0.38% liner degradation and 1% initial degradation, 80%+/-5% bifacial factor.

“JinkoSolar is at the forefront of innovation to ensure the solutions help customers deliver full-scenario generation capabilities,” said Dany. She also stressed that as the holder of most of the TOPCon-related patents, JinkoSolar positioned it as the primary driver of these advanced technologies and after, the change it can usher.

The solar PV market worldwide has been deploying TOPCon at an accelerated rate, far surpassing the pace of any previous generation of PERC. Over the past year, approximately 130 GW TOPCon panels have been deployed globally in spite of constrained capacity, and the global TOPCon capacity in 2024 will reach an impressive 450-500GW. However, the capacity to adapt TOPCon technology without granted patents implies infringement risk.

In addition to cost and performance, considerations including the RE percentage, and the product with or without patent allowance will be the priority when customers make decisions.

The pillars of innovation and manufacturing excellence collectively empower JinkoSolar to deliver on its promises, ensuring a future-ready, efficient, and user-centric strategy. According to Solarbe, an influential trade media, with over 75GW shipment, JinkoSolar is most likely to regain No.1 in 2023, the fifth time the company tops the industry.

In the realm and era of N-type TOPCon, JinkoSolar will continue and expand its competitiveness.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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