JinkoSolar now market leader in TOPCon Technology and sales with BESS solutions fast gaining market traction

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  • As the undoubtable leader and pioneer of TOPCon, JinkoSolar reached an all-time high for its own solar PV business profitability in 2023.
  • Despite several unforeseen industry challenges in Q1, JinkoSolar still exceptionally performed well in a tough environment, outpacing its peers in terms of sales and profitability, almost doubling the second Trina.
  • And that looks likely to continue to increase in the quarters and years ahead backed on solid orders.

The company continues to expand its 314Ah battery and energy storage SunTera and SunGiga capacity in Q1. It has updated its upcoming Tiger Neo lineup with 26% TOPCon efficiency on cell level and 23.8% efficiency on module level. It will be launched during SNEC 2024 in Shanghai. According to the company, it’s not contingent upon any new factory or massive new production line, it will be made on existing production lines far more efficiently, which means the upcoming Tiger Neo new version is a ready-to-ship product.

Regarding BESS, JinkoSolar’s Jianshan factory which is AI-based highly automated, has allowed it to get to 12GWh of capacity when realized to the full extent, it’s profound. And the rate of improvement is rapid. It’s become very clear that the scalable solar plus storage approach with localized service networks is the right solution and competitiveness of JinkoSolar. And it’s really how renewables plays in the new energy world. What JinkoSolar did was to make it more reliable, accessible and affordable.

“We are making sure that we’re being as safely and efficiently powerful as possible in our energy storage. It’s not just about the energy density and MWh of unit, but how efficiently they’re charged and discharged over time,” said Dany Qian, Vice President of JinkoSolar, “we are excited about our LFP battery and liquid cooling ESS road map. It is obvious to anyone who use energy storage that safety and charging/discharging efficiency exceeds the power capacity. And we’re really headed for a renewable future primarily empowered by solar plus storage,” concluded Qian.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal



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