JinkoSolar Launches its Residential Energy Storage System “SUNTANK”

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  • Jinko Solar Australia Holding Co PTY. LTD. has launched its residential energy storage system “SUNTANK” for the Australian market, which will also act as a strong support in developing PV+ ESS solutions and providing more stable electricity to meet the residential needs of that country. 

JinkoSolar’s SUNTANK is a state-of-the-art energy management solution designed for owners who plan to implement effective residential energy management. It provides an efficient solution for your home’s green electricity consumption, by reducing costs, peakshifting, and maximizing the self-utilization rate of power generation.

JinkoSolar’s brand value, product quality, and professional service teams will pave the path for further product diversification in this market and the deployment of the “PV+” business model locally.

At the same time, the SUNTANK products provides both AC & DC-coupling methods to realize multi-directional energy interaction between PV modules, batteries, and the grid. The SUNTANK products can provide 5kW Power Output with flexible Battery options from 2.56kWh to 25.6kWh with a single-phase hybrid inverter, and offer 10 years product warranty. The qualified protection level IP65 can deal with the high humidity environment efficiently with the operating temperature ranging from -10°C~+50°C.

The product has been designed to ensure fast and flexible installation. The EPS Output can provide a backup supply to an emergency circuit during short-term grid outages. If the grid is lost, the system would switch to backup mode and AC output is supplied via the EPS LOAD port using energy from PV and battery. Due to the instability of the power grid, supply shortage still exists in some areas of Australia, energy storage trend is gaining importance as a counter to this situation.

Owing to the self-generation and consumption characteristics of photovoltaic users, a matching energy storage system will foster closed-loop power consumption. This satisfies the customers’ needs for high-efficiency power generation, flexible configuration, and easy installation.

Thomas Bywater, Country Manager of JinkoSolar APAC, said: “As one of the most mature photovoltaic markets in the world, we believe that energy storage will become an indispensable part of the Australian market. JinkoSolar will also make every effort to lead the Australia photovoltaic market into a new PV+ era.”

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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