JinkoSolar installs full turnkey 1.1MWh BESS/solar/generator hybrid off-grid solution in Djibouti

  • JinkoSolar (Jinko) delivered a 1.1MWh BESS for a hybrid off-grid solar PV and diesel generator project in Djibouti. 
  • Djibouti is a small country in the Horn of Africa, bordered by Somalia to the south, Ethiopia to the southwest, Eritrea in the north, and the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden to the east. 
  • Jinko provided a one stop full turnkey system consisting of 1200 kW Tiger Neo PV modules, three diesel generators, 1.1 MWh battery storage, and Jinko-provided inverters and systems.

Jinko’s scalable C&I battery system offers 1-4 hours storage, covering 50 kW to 2 MW on/off-grid. Lithium-ion batteries with 100% DOD ensure 15-year performance.  Safety is prioritized with thermal management and temperature control. A modular design, plug n’ play  simplifies installation and transport.

The system reduces previously relied upon diesel power from 24 to 8 hours a day. Jinko’s BESS stabilizes renewable energy intermittency, generating 2M kWh yearly meeting 2500 households’ energy needs.

Shifting from diesel to PV/ESS reflects efficiency and cost changes. ESS enhances electrical stability and reliability.

What a winner!

Applications of JinkoSolar’s C&I ESS 

1. Demand Management: Peak shaving to maintain demands in the limit as per indications and to have energy storage at peak times.

2. Peak and Valley Arbitrage: Charge in the valley time and discharge in the peak time to gain the benefits like the cost of electricity is more in the day than in the night.

3. Maximizing Self-consumption: Storing energy in the battery in case of excessive power generation and using it when in need. 

4. Backup Power: The buffer created through energy stored can be useful during power outages post-natu- ral disasters like earthquakes or tsunamis. 

5. Micro-grid: Support on-grid or off-grid mode, support multiple energy such as DG (diesel generator) and PV (solar plant). 

Link to the project case study HERE

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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