JinkoSolar delivers super versatile SunGiga C&I containerized BESS solution to top resort in Kenya

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The aim of the project was to introduce the off-grid resort by producing the required energy with 123kWp JinkoSolar’s Tiger Neo N-type solar PV panels. This solar+BESS complete system will power the resort during international conventions, corporate events, and conferences, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted power supply.

Battery storage systems offer advantages such as energy independence, cost savings, reduced environmental impact, and reliable backup power.

JinkoSolar’s SunGiga storage system was fully integrated and pre-installed in an insulated and air-conditioned 7.5ft. This assures the required temperature levels and prevents interference with (salt) water, dust and insects from outside. Altogether this resulted in a highly redundant system for maximum reliability and availability, cost savings, reduced environmental impact, and independent energy on another level.

About SunGiga

JinkoSolar’s SunGiga is highly integrated with both the Power Conversion System and LPF batteries, saving space and streamlining the installation process. The modular design enables a more flexible configuration of batteries so that customers can choose the best-fit one for their needs. The plug-and-play battery system can power up the loads during peak times without consuming pricy electricity from the grid and will minimize the power shortages caused by insufficient utilities.

In addition, SunGiga integrates the company’s core recirculating liquid cooling technology with other multi-measures such as intelligent temperature control, cluster-level management, insulation monitoring, and five-level fire protection, all of which made data sharing available in each operating process and as a result, the power station is more stable and efficient with extended life cycle, improved efficiency and reduced losses.

JinkoSolar’s liquid cooling ESS SunGiga is most favoured by the C&I market and widely deployed for its high degree of safety, and reliability, plus its great cost reduction and increased efficiency.

Link to the list of JinkoSolar distributors in Africa HERE 

Author: Bryan Groenendaal



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