JinkoSolar brings highly versatile C&I energy storage system to the South African market

  • Highly respected for their quality and reliability, JinkoSolar, have introduced a unique battery energy storage system (BESS) to help commercial and industrial business owners overcome the problem of loadshedding in South Africa. 
  • The JinkoSolar microgrid Energy Storage System is integrated indoor system specifically design for commercial and industrial applications. 
  • Stock of the products are readily available for order through Jinko’s official ESS distributor HUDACO ENERGY.

JinkoSolar series micro grid Energy Storage System is a highly integrated all-in-one system of LFP battery strings, battery management system (BMS), PV array, hybrid power conversion system, energy management system (EMS) and other sub systems. The energy storage system is placed in an indoor location and can also be customized for outdoor location as well.

It is a highly reliable system, using the automatic switching technology for on and off-grid and maximum power tracking technology of PV energy, which can smooth out the power fluctuation between PV and batteries, coordinate and control the power output of PV and energy storage batteries, and output AC power that meets the standard requirements to supply power to important loads on the micro-grid side through energy storage converter technology to ensure long-term stable operation of the system.

System Features

  • Battery charging path is short, PV utilization is high, and intelligent charging is supported.
  • Strong ability of off-grid operation with three-phase unbalanced load, excellent performance with load.
  • Modular and highly integrated design reduces further integration of microgrid system at the site.
  • The BMS adopts 3- layered hierarchical management, which is flexible and reliable, facilitating the expansion and upgrading of the energy storage system.
  • The fault hierarchical processing mechanism responds to the pre-set fault scenarios subsystem according to the pre-set working mode to realize the intelligent operation and maintenance of the whole system.
  • Fast engineering and installations, low operation, and maintenance cost. 
  • Seamless switching (up to 20ms) from off-grid to on-grid and vice versa.
  • Jinko PCS can allow paralleling up to four units in off-grid/on-grid scenario.

System Composition 

JinkoSolar microgrid Energy Storage System is and integrated indoor System configuration which includes 11 sets of customized lithium iron phosphate packs & 1 set of battery management system per 1 set of customized battery cluster to be coupled to 1 set of hybrid power conversation system includes:

  • 50kW/100kw/150kw/250kw/500kw energy storage PCS,
  • 50kW/100kw/150kw/250kw/500kw  PV DC/DC converter,
  • 50kW/100kw/150kw/250kw/500kw  Static Transfer Switch,
  • 50kVA/100kVA/150kVA/250kVA/500kVA isolation transformers and  1 set of energy management system.

This allows building up solutions up to 2MW and 6.48MWh of battery storage.

All the listed sets of PCS are already NRS097 certified and also listed in the city of City of Cape Town inverter list.

For technical specification on the Jinko Solar microgrid Energy Storage System please click HERE

Jinko solar has partnered with HUDACO ENERGY who is the Jinko solar ESS distributor to have the stock locally available in South Africa.  HUDACO ENERGY is also doubling up as the official after-sale service partner in south Africa.

For enquires or orders, please email: andre.adriaanse@jinkosolar.com    | Sales@HudacoEnergy.co.za or call   010 447 9864  

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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