Jinko Suntera – a smart liquid cooled energy storage solution for Africa

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  • JinkoSolar, a world leader in solar pv technology and,  has introduced its new generation SunTera liquid cooled utility-scale energy storage system.
  • The SunTera system is a powerful solution for applications including peak-shaving, microgrid and demand management, and aims to overcome the challenges presented by a mismatch between energy demand and generation.

The system is designed to exceed normal safety standards, with a thermal management feature to ensure temperature uniformity within the cabinet and multiple layers of safety enhancement solutions, including an active anti-explosion ventilation system, early detection and alarm in the event of abnormalities and a fire suppression system and water injection unit.

The compact pre-assembled nature of the system simplifies the installation process and reduces associated costs by up to 30%, with intelligent O&M provided via JinkoSolar’s own software hub, an advanced monitoring and control platform for large-scale utility projects and micro grids.

Key features of SunTera Liquid Cooling ESS:

  • Intelligent Liquid Cooling: – Incorporates multiple liquid cooling control modes, resulting in a notable 20% reduction in auxiliary power consumption.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: – Employs cluster-level management, leading to a remarkable RTE improvement of over 1%.
  • Safety and Reliability: – Provides comprehensive five-level protection, safeguarding the cells and preventing the propagation of thermal incidents. – Features an explosion-proof design, complemented by gas and water fire suppression systems.
  • Smart Operations and Maintenance: – Implements intelligent control management for optimized performance, efficient debugging, and reduced operational costs. – Designed with a three-sided maintenance approach, achieving a high energy density of 6.88MWh within a compact 40-foot space.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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