JinkoSolar supplies C&I ESS to Bussi Island in Uganda

  • JinkoSolar, a global leading PV+ESS supplier, recently supplied a 400kwp – 250kw -945kWh ESS Solution to Bussi Island, Uganda. 
  • The project was installed by one of our partners Solargen Ventures (U) Ltd a renewable energy company that is a subsidiary of Africa Water Solutions.
  • JinkoSolar has also announced that it will supply 70 sets of C&I ESS to Guangdong Vickers Photovoltaic Technology Company Limited and many other companies, with a total installed capacity of 15MWh.
  • They will also supply two 20ft containerized SunTara ESS with capacity of 6.88MWh, its large scalelarge-scale liquid cooling energy storage systems to Abaad Contracting Company in Mideast and 8 SunGiga ESS units, with a rated capacity of 1.72MWh to Tadiran Energy Solution Ltd. in Mideast for peak shaving and various other benefits.

The Bussi Solar Mini-grid power plant in Uganda targets to positively impact the well-being and livelihoods of the residents of Bussi Island through the provision of power to their homes for basic use and productive uses for their community corporative projects.

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Jinko’s C&I ESS SunGiga products are among the most popular in the industry, offering higher efficiency and safety. Among the myriad of energy storage products in the market, Jinko SunGiga stands out for controlling battery temperature differentials within 2 degrees Celsius, significantly extending battery life and improving charge-discharge efficiency by up to 20%. For C&I clients, the integration of a 5-level protection mechanism ensures higher safety guarantees, crucial for investors and end-users alike.

The pre-installed modular design is also an improvement, increasing the energy density of the standard version and making on-site installation more convenient and swifter. A one-stop solution and comprehensive warranty system ensure customers enjoy high-quality after-sales service, far ahead of most competitors.

Whether in PV or ESS, both are primary businesses for Jinko. The company has set the tone for liquid-cooling energy storage systems. This disruptive move has rapidly become the benchmark in the solar energy industry.

Link to the list of JinkoSolar distributors in Africa HERE 

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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