JA Solar introduces their latest solar PV technology to the Botswana energy and mining market

  • JA Solar, one of the worlds leading and high quality solar panel manufacturers, participated in the Botswana Mining and Energy Conference and Exhibition held last week from March 13th to 14th at the Boipuso Hall, Gaborone Fairgrounds, Botswana.
  • The JA Solar team lead by Sales Manager for SADC, Evelyn Gondo, introduced attendee’s to JA’s latest solar PV technology.

JA Solar recently retained their triple A (AAA) ranking in PV Tech’s latest PV ModuleTech bankability report, reflecting the company’s status in areas including manufacturing, shipments, capacity and technology layout and financial performance. JA Solar high quality and high performing solar panels are readily available on the African continent through an extensive distributor network.

The company has a long-standing commitment to the product design concept of “tailored to increase customer value”, focusing on the creation of long-term value for the global market with PV products with lower Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) and Balance of System (BOS) costs.

JA Solar currently has 12 state of the art manufacturing facilities. Image credit: JA Solar

To meet market demand for high efficiency n-type products, JA Solar launched during 2023 its n-type high-efficiency DeepBlue 4.0 Pro module series, based on 182mm*199mm rectangular wafers. The 2465mm*1134mm (72-cell) flagship module has a power output of up to 635W with 22.8% efficiency, making it the highest power product among the current 182 series modules on the market. In January 2024, the company launched the “SkyBlue” and “OceanBlue” series, specifically designed for marine scenarios. Inheriting the high power, high efficiency, high power generation and high reliability characteristics of the DeepBlue 4.0 Pro, the series also features additional advantages including resistance to salt spray, ultraviolet radiation, humidity and hotspots, resulting in enhanced reliability and resistance to the harsh weather conditions often encountered in marine environments.

JA Solar has consistently achieved recognition as a Top PV Brand by EUPD Research in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa and has been recognized as a “Top Performer” by PVEL and “Overall Highest Achiever” by RETC for eight and four consecutive years respectively.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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