JA Solar announces strong growth in Brazil plus gets awarded “Top Brand PV South Africa 2023” by EUPD

  • According to S&P Global, the installed PV capacity in the Brazilian market reached 12.8GW in 2022, a YOY increase of 72.9%.
  • It is a testament to the brand’s strength and popularity that JA Solar saw such remarkable growth in one of the fastest growing markets for PV products in the world.
  • JA Solar is also making big inroads in South Africa, another emerging market, where they recently were awarded “Top Brand PV South Africa 2023” in the module category by the Energy Research institute EUPD Research in Cape Town.
  • JA Solar’s modules have been used in many solar projects across Africa and have been well-proven for high conversion efficiency, high power output, and robust reliability.

In 2015, JA Solar entered the Brazilian market and quickly built up a professional team there. In 2017, it established a Brazil subsidiary, based on which the company established a complete service structure integrating sales, technology, logistics and marketing to meet market demand in all aspects in Brazil. To improve distribution efficiency, JA Solar then set up an overseas warehouse in Brazil to provide customers with one-stop solutions, greatly enhancing the customer experience.

In Brazil, the cumulative installation of distributed PV accounts for nearly 70% of the total PV installations. Since establishing its presence in the Brazilian market, JA Solar has earned a fine reputation among distributors and end customers for its efficient products and high-quality services.

During the dramatic price fluctuations in the industry chain in 2022, JA Solar’s local warehousing services have greatly eased customers’ worries about price changes. Moreover, its efficient products and logistics services have received positive feedback and high recognition from customers. JA Solar has been well-known for its low customer complaint rate and high loyalty in the Brazilian market. Leading Brazilian distributors, including Aldo Solar, Fortlev Solar, WIN Distribuidora, Ecori Solar, PHB Solar and Amara have established long-term and stable partnerships with JA Solar, enabling the company to widely distribute its products in the Brazilian market and receive high praise from end-users.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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