JA Solar Achieves Excellence Through Precise Quality Control and Efficient Customer Service

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  • For years, JA Solar has ranked at the top of the industry by shipment volume, and is recognized globally for product quality.
  • In the second quarter of 2022, JA Solar achieved a milestone as cumulative shipments surpassed 100GW.
  • This success is a result of its concentration on product details.

Precise quality control across the whole process

Since inception, JA Solar has prioritized product quality control. As an industry leader, JA Solar is recognized for quality worldwide, as demonstrated by its global reach, industry-leading qualification rate, and great reputation among customers.

Through vertical integration and a comprehensive technology R&D system, JA Solar strictly controls product quality in all stages of production, from silicon wafers to cells to modules. To ensure reliable product quality, the company follows a strict new product development process from the R&D stage to mass production, thus continuously improving power generation performance and production efficiency. Reacting to recent trends in demand and technical developments, JA Solar launched its DeepBlue 3.0 series products and DeepBlue 4.0 X series products, whose excellent power generation performance and reliability are widely recognized by the global photovoltaic market. From the first shipment in October 2020 through June 2022, shipments of the DeepBlue 3.0 series exceeded 24GW.

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The performance of JA Solar modules was outstanding in the PV Module Product Qualification Program (PQP) held by the authoritative third-party PV testing agency PVEL, enabling JA Solar to win PVEL’s “Top Performer” module supplier seven times. The PQP testing covers: thermal cycling (TC 200 times×3); damp heat (DH 1000hrs×2); backsheet durability sequence (BDS); mechanical stress sequence (MSS); hail stress test (HSS); potential induced degradation test (PID 192hrs); field exposure (Field Exposure 6 Months×2); light and elevated temperature induced degradation (LeTID 162hrs×3); as well as other rigorous tests.

An example of JA Solar’s product quality is the Guam Manjilao Project, which connected to the grid in June 2022. This project is the largest single photovoltaic power station in local area. Because the project is located on an island with strong wind, there are strict requirements for the modules’ back load, attenuation rate, and other characteristics. Thanks to its excellent product quality, JA Solar stood out from competitors and became the exclusive module supplier to this project. Since starting operation, the power generation performance is outstanding, exceeding expectations by 20%.

Over the years, JA Solar has established an effective quality management system covering the full supply chain, strictly controlling the whole process of R&D, procurement, production, testing, shipment, and transportation, thus ensuring quality all the way to delivery.

During procurement, JA Solar strictly evaluates and audits suppliers to guarantee stable raw material quality over the long-term. In manufacturing, JA Solar is accelerating its digital transformation. Its quality analysis system continuously monitors production in real-time, 24/7, thus providing automatic early warning of production problems. This system enables the precise control of product quality and controllable quality risk. In its Yiwu Manufacturing Base, digital technology is used for intelligent planning, production, and logistics, thereby enabling an order-based 7-day delivery process. In addition, automatic visual inspection equipment based on artificial intelligence technology directly monitors product defects, thus improving production efficiency. Due to outstanding performance in product quality control, many JA Solar factories have won provincial and municipal quality awards, including factories in Ningjin, Hefei, Donghai, and Yangzhou.

Efficient customer services across the whole process

Underpinning the “customer-centered” service concept, JA Solar has established a global network of services. By combining the characteristics of different regional markets, it provides targeted “pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale” whole-process services, offering customers such services as technical consulting, on-site service at power stations and customer feedback. To resolve customer feedback problems in a timely manner, JA Solar established a “24-hour response mechanism”. After receiving customer comments, JA will respond within 24 hours to understand the specific situation and offer corresponding solutions, thus responding to customer needs as quickly as possible.

To better understand customer needs and continuously improve customer service, JA Solar conducts a customer satisfaction survey every year. With this, it learns about customers’ evaluation and demands for product performance and safety, product delivery time, product prices, customer services, and desire for new products. In 2021, JA Solar’s customer satisfaction exceeded 96%, the customer complaint resolution rate was 100%, customer service complaints were 0, and the number of products recalled for safety and health reasons was 0.

The future is bright for the photovoltaic industry. By focusing on the details of product quality control, JA Solar lives out its corporate mission of “developing solar power to benefit the entire human race”, bringing more reliable and efficient photovoltaic products to the global market, and helping the industry to achieve more stable and high-quality development.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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