Ivory Coast Commissions Phase 4 Azito 180MW Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant

  • GE and Azito Energie S.A. have announced the start of operations for the simple cycle of the Azito Phase IV power plant.
  • GE provided a GT13E2 2012 MXL2 gas turbine including power generation equipment, analytics and controls software, and a service agreement for twenty years to manage all aspects of the project’s lifecycle.
  • The plant will add 180MW, the equivalent electricity needed to power more than 300,000 Ivorian homes, representing approximately 8% of the country’s current installed capacity and the largest gas power plant in the country.

“Because of its relevance in providing energy to the people of Ivory Coast, the commissioning of the Azito Phase IV power plant is another milestone in ensuring energy efficiency for generations to come,” said Luc Aye, Managing Director, Azito Energie S.A. “The growth of gas power generation plays a critical role in facilitating Ivory Coast’s decarbonization and energy targets by delivering accessible, affordable and reliable energy across the country. We look forward to furthering the collaboration with GE’s innovative technology solutions.”

In addition, Azito power plant will use big data analytics to improve overall Azito’s fleet performance and make smarter operational decisions using GE Digital Asset Performance Management (APM) software solution. APM will analyze Azito’s plant historical performance and operations to monitor and diagnose possible issues, improve capacity planning, and drive improved efficiency, availability, flexibility, and emissions. Data collected from sensors throughout the facility will be monitored and analyzed 24/7 at GE’s Monitoring & Diagnostics (M&D) Center in Atlanta, GA, United States.

The Azito gas power complex is located near the village of Azito in the Yopougon district, approximately 6km west of the port of Abidjan. The 453MW plant was developed in three phases, under a build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT) scheme.

The Côte d’Ivoire Government contracted the construction of the Azito thermal power plant in 1998 to Azito Energie, a consortium comprised of IPS-WA, ABB, and Electricité de France (EDF). In 2010, Globeleq acquired ABB and EDF’s shares in the project to become a shareholder of the plant along with IPS-WA.

The fourth phase 253MW new combined-cycle unit being built on the existing plant site will comprise a GT13E2 gas turbine, one heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) with bypass stack, one double pressure steam turbine generator, one air-cooled condenser and associated systems supplied by General Electric (GE).

The GT13E2 gas turbine’s rated capacity will be 180MW while the steam turbine’s nominal power generating capacity will be 72MW. The existing 453MW plant generates up to 3,130GWh of electricity a year. The fourth-phase expansion will increase the plant’s annual generating capacity by 2,000GWh.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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