Innovative Solar PV Pop-Up EV and Battery Charging Canopy

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  • California-based Paired Power has unveiled a 5 kW solar canopy with built-in EV charging capabilities.
  • Its PairTree product can be used in on-grid or off-grid modes and can be paired with lithium-ion battery systems with storage capacities of up to 40 kWh.

“The product is currently only being sold in the US, Paired Power is focused on the US market but will consider international opportunities down the line,” a company spokesperson told pv magazine.

The carport can host up to 10 bifacial solar modules and can be installed within a single workday, with just two workers using standard hand tools.

“The installation of traditional EV chargers and solar canopies is a time and labor-intensive process, not to mention the disruption and delays of construction,” said CEO Tom McCalmont. “We designed PairTree to eliminate these hassles and make the transition to solar and EV charging simple and scalable while also being modular enough to accommodate future needs.”

The system measures 3.2 meters x 5.2 meters x 3.7 meters and supports single- and dual-port “Level 2” charging and a universal SAE J1772 charging interface. The J1772 5-pin is a North American standard for electrical connectors for electric vehicles.

The canopy sits on a ballasted steel foundation, which the company said allows customers to avoid costly foundation work and permitting delays.

“PairTree offers additional options of batteries or ground screws to secure the charger in high winds,” it said. “PairTree is designed to be installed side by side in multi-unit configurations for additional energy output to power additional chargers.”

It also claimed that the system needs minimal maintenance, as there are no moving parts.

“AC charging stations are offered to support Level 2 charging, and 120V outlet panels can be added to support emergency or temporary power,” it explained.”Orders for PairTree can be placed now and are expected for general delivery starting in Q2 2023.

Author: Emiliano Bellini

This article was originally published in pv magazine and is republished with permission.


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