IMPOWER and JA Solar’s drive for a sun-powered sustainable South Africa

  • In the evolving arena of Africa’s drive towards renewable energy, IMPOWER Pty Ltd. stands as a beacon of innovation.

Founded in 2014, the company has been steadily creating a portfolio of tailored solar & battery energy storage solutions, mainly for the Commercial and industrial sectors. With energy poverty still a pressing concern, IMPOWER’s mission is straightforward: make sustainable power accessible across the African continent.

“Success in renewable energy is rarely a solo endeavour. Collaborative relationships are essential,” says Gabriel Kroes, Head of Engineering at IMPOWER.

JA Solar is one of IMPOWER’s trusted suppliers. Established in 2005, JA Solar has earned global recognition for its high-quality photovoltaic products. Their commitment to technological advancement aligns seamlessly with our ethos, making their partnership both logical and effective,” he adds.

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He explains that IMPOWER’s choice to work with JA Solar’s top-quality panels is grounded in practical considerations. Solar installations are a long-term investment, often lasting up to 30 years. That calls for durable, reliable panels backed by a manufacturer that can offer long-term warranties.

JA Solar fulfills these criteria exceptionally well. Established players in the PV landscape, the group offers a diverse portfolio of products, including silicon wafers, cells, modules, and photovoltaic power stations, that are available in 135 countries. With their signature, ‘One Body, Two Wings, strategy -ancillary services that wrap around the core promise of top-notch panels – JA Solar’s products and services cater to a wide range of applications from ground-mounted plants to commercial and industrial rooftop-based installations,” said Jay Naidoo CEO of IMPOWER

Their Tier 1 status signifies a comprehensive evaluation based on manufacturing quality, cost-effectiveness, financial stability, and technological efficiency, among other factors. This rigorous assessment underscores JA Solar’s long-term viability, offering an additional layer of assurance for consumers that their sustainable investment is also a secure one.

The success of the partnership shines through in large-scale projects like the Kwanobuhle Shopping Complex in Gqeberha, which boasts a solar installation with a capacity of 1381.32 kW, and Boksburg’s K90 Shopping Centre, with an installed capacity of 1011,96kW.

Among many other industries, JA Solar has earned trust and patronage within the highly competitive mining sector too: Elands Platinum Mine, just North of Pretoria, is equipped with 1304.64 kW of JA Solar panels. IMPOWER and JA Solar are proud of these milestones; they showcase the massive impact on the energy grid that can be achieved when high-quality products are used in well-managed projects.

As global attention focuses more on sustainability and achieving a net carbon-zero future, the collaboration between IMPOWER and JA Solar stands as an inspiration for synergistic collaboration in the solar sector.

“With over  50MW of active solar sites and another 250MW in development, IMPOWER plans to continue their fruitful collaboration with JA Solar, ramping up solar energy solutions, and reducing carbon emissions,” Naidoo concludes.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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