ICER Announces Woman in Energy e-Mentoring Program

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  • The International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER)’s Women in Energy (WIE) initiative, has opened its e-mentoring programme for 2019.
  • This programme is referenced as an “e-mentoring” programme because of the unique pairing of female mentees with (male and female) mentors from all across the globe.
  • In 2018, the initiative welcomed 96 participants to the 5thround of the mentoring programme.

ICER’s Women in Energy goal: the advancement of women working in energy, be it in industry in regulation or at a political level, by increasing the visibility of women in energy. For more on our strategy to achieve this, see the Strategy tab.

So how do you join? Prospective mentors and mentees must submit a completed application which can be found on this link before 4 February 2019. The programme runs from March 2019 until the end of February 2020, allowing participants the benefit of a full 12-month mentoring relationship.

Who is eligible? The ICER mentoring programme is run by regulators for the benefit of the staff of ICER’s energy regulatory authorities. The mentoring programme is open to staff of ICER’s national/state energy regulatory authorities, of the Secretariats of ICER’s members (the regional regulatory associations) and FERC and ACER.

How is the program structured? The ICER 2019 e-mentoring programme is set up for the primary purpose of the mentee – that brings with it a responsibility to make the most of the potential opportunities it brings.

Most importantly you need to have realistic expectations – this is more likely to engage your mentor and achieve your goals.  You probably already have some ideas, and we will use the first webinar (where Mentoring Programme participation feedback is mandatory) to further develop these.

  • Realistic goals for a mentoring relationship include:
  • Identifying professional and development goals;
  • Engaging in career, training and development planning;
  • Making decisions based on pragmatic assessments of strengths and resources;
  • Devising workable strategies to solve problems;
  • Debriefing events to extract learning and other response options; and
  • Guiding the development of leadership and other skills.

Prospective mentors and mentees must submit a completed application which can be found on this link before 4 February 2019.

Author: GBA News Desk/ESI-Africa Contributor

This article was originally published on ESI Africa and is republished with permission with minor editorial changes.



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