Hydrogen Production Coupled to Solar and Storage to Debut in Spain

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  • Spanish gas provider Enagás has signed an agreement with Ampere Energy for the joint development of several hydrogen production R&D projects with PV and storage.
  • The first installation will be deployed at a gas plant in Cartagena, in the southern Spanish region of Murcia.

Gas multinational Enagás and Ampere Energy, a Spain-based battery provider, have signed an agreement to begin joint production of hydrogen with solar power and energy stored in batteries.

The two companies will jointly work on several R&D projects to produce renewable hydrogen for self-consumption at the gas plant.

The project they are now planning will be the first hydrogen injection experience into a gas network in Spain, with small-scale storage as a back-up. It will be carried out at the regasification plant that Enagás operates in Cartagena, in the southern province of Murcia.

Ampere Energy has installed its Ampere Energy Square S 6.5 equipment at the Cartagena plant, which will have new storage and intelligent energy management solutions.

The installed equipment will allow Enagás to maximize the energy efficiency of the Cartagena gasification plant and reduce the environmental impact and its electricity bill up to 70%, according to the two companies.

The battery will store energy coming from both the photovoltaic system and the power grid, and will monitor this energy. Through machine learning algorithms and data analysis tools, the system will anticipate the consumption patterns of the plant, predict the available solar resource, and track prices in the electricity market, identifying the moments in which the cost is lower.

“This alliance opens the door to a long-term pact between Ampere Energy and Enagás to undertake joint R&D projects for energy storage and services,” both companies added.

Author: Pilar Sánchez Molina

This article was originally published in pv magazine and is republished with permission.


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