Harmless device that prevents birds from perching on solar panels

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Barcelona-based Prosolarbirds has developed a harmless device that prevents birds from perching on solar panels.

“We have been manufacturers of anti-bird devices for more than ten years. We market them under different brands and already in sixteen countries, such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Norway and Switzerland,” a company spokesperson told pv magazine.

The company originally developed anti-bird solutions for the naval sector, but was then contacted by installation, maintenance and cleaning companies for photovoltaic panels. “They told us that excrement created a lot of problems,” the spokesperson added. “The accumulation of excrement in solar installations can reduce their performance by 45%, or can even stop energy production due to the appearance of hotspots.”

“Thus, we decided to adapt a device that is very effective in other types of applications. To test it, we contacted the Barcelona Aquarium, as the birds were affecting the photovoltaic installation on its roof,” the spokesperson said.

The company produced several devices until it found the most suitable one. “We did tests on length, height, fixings, installation times, effectiveness, resistance, and weight until we reached the current PSB device,” stated the company.

It is a rotating device, without a motor, that is activated by a slight breeze, and whose movement prevents birds from landing. According to the company, it is completely resistant to wind, snow and rain, and is made with materials resistant to salt spray, one of the most aggressive environments for any metal or technical plastic.

The system uses polyamide 6-6 UV, anodized aluminum, acetal resin, bronze and stainless steel. “Our devices are designed to not harm the birds in any case, while at the same time, they prevent them from damaging the solar panels,” said the spokesperson. 

Stereoscopic and extendable, a single device covers eight 2 m x 1 m panels. Its height is 27 cm. From 2.20 m to 3.80 m it can be configured centimeter by centimeter, to be able to regulate the distance at the end of installations, slopes, industrial machinery, according to the spokesperson.

The standard mounting unit is compatible with installations of up to 10 degrees. The manufacturer also offers an accessory for other inclinations beyond that, including an East-West orientation. The measured installation time per unit is four minutes, and it is supplied in industrial boxes of 9 units

Author: Pilar Sánchez Molina

This article was originally published in pv magazine and is republished with permission.


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