hansgrohe Pulsify – Maximum Shower Enjoyment, Even in Small Bathrooms

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  • Shower experience in style: starting the day revitalized with a pleasant shower in the morning and leaving the stress of the day behind you with a gentle shower spray in the evening.
  • Often this remains wishful thinking, with the reality looking completely different.
  • Usually, there is not enough space and your own budget also quickly shatters any dreams of a luxury bathroom.

However, hansgrohe Pulsify, a modern shower range, opens new possibilities for your daily shower at home. Equipped with the microfine PowderRain spray mode, a gentle rain is created under the hansgrohe Pulsify showerheads. Whether in a large family bathroom in your own home or in the tiny bathroom of your rented apartment, hansgrohe Pulsify offers the optimal, individual shower experience for every room, budget, and taste.

Both the showerhead and hand shower are equipped with the well-known hansgrohe QuickClean function. Image credit: hansgrohe

Under the 260-millimeter overhead shower of the Pulsify Showerpipe with an adjustable inclination angle, you can thoroughly relax after a stressful day’s work. The spray modes are varied or switched to the hand-held shower at the simple push of a button directly on the faucet. It’s not just the controls for the temperature and water volume that are integrated into the ShowerTablet thermostat: the over 40-centimeter-long shelf also serves as storage space for shower gel, shampoo, and a place to park the hand-held shower.

Safe, Flexibly Combinable, Water-Saving, and Easy to Clean 

An intelligent flow of water inside the thermostat ensures more safety. This way, the housing of the faucet is not heated up by the warm water inside, making painful contact with hot surfaces a thing of the past. The flat profile of the Showerpipe is subtle and offers more space to move when showering.

The hansgrohe Pulsify shower stands out with its modern and striking design. With rounded, easy-to-clean forms, it is an eye-catcher in various bathroom settings. With three surfaces available – Chrome, Matt Black, and Matt White – hansgrohe Pulsify can be ideally combined with complementary products for the sink and bath, especially the hansgrohe Vivenis faucet ranges.

If more storage space is needed, the hansgrohe brand also offers the WallStoris accessory line, which is in the same design style. This flexible storage system offers baskets and hooks that are clicked directly onto the wall rail and can be mixed and matched.

For an individual shower experience, you don’t always need an overhead shower. The Pulsify 3jet hand-held shower is available in two variations. Both are equipped with the PowderRain spray mode for your daily shower and the stronger IntenseRain spray mode for rinsing out shampoo. The difference between the two hand-held showers lies in the third spray mode. One variation comes with a relaxing massage spray, the other with an activating mono spray.

The spray modes are varied or switched to the hand shower at the simple push of a button directly on the faucet. Image credit: hansgrohe

A further advantage of the hansgrohe Pulsify is its low water consumption in the EcoSmart variation. The flow of water can be reduced according to your wishes and individual shower experience. With the single-spray hand-held shower in the “green version,” the hansgrohe shower even has a maximum consumption of only six liters per minute.

hansgrohe Pulsify also offers numerous advantages when being cleaned. Both the showerhead and hand-held shower are equipped with the well-known hansgrohe QuickClean function. Just briefly and regularly run your fingers over the spray surface after showering to remove annoying lime and calcium deposits. The overhead shower can also be removed completely for general cleaning. This means strainer can be taken out and rinsed. The 260-millimeter overhead shower even has a draining function, which reduces the necessary yet annoying dripping after showering. This way, the shower itself dries faster and the showerhead stays hygienically clean.

hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water.

Find a Hansgrohe Retail Store near you . Hansgrohe is present in South Africa, Madagascar, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, Seychelles, Mauritius, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Zambia.

Plumbers have no comebacks when they fit hansgrohe tap and shower mixers with EcoSmart technology.



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